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A Helping Hand Always By Your Side

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Life is full of ups and downs. Today things might seem alright, but it might not be so tomorrow. A rich person can go down to the streets due to various reasons within weeks, and an average man can face a financial crisis all of a sudden. In those hard times, you might not find any helping hand for you. Even your near and dear ones start maintaining distance from you in the fear that you might end up asking for monetary help. In such situations, do visit

Need For Loan

When there are financial issues in life, the world seems to turn upside down every time. You find small pieces of the known puzzle missing. Whenever you feel there is a need for money in life and you do not have it, you try to look for some monetary help. In these times, you feel an urge to take a loan. You can take a loan from anyone you want, but for each one, there is a different pair of rules, regulations, terms, and conditions. Now, you get to choose one skim from the number of options. While selecting finance skim for yourself at times of crisis, you end up making a wrong decision and regret it later. To avoid such terrible conditions, you must be wise enough to verify the reviews and terms and requirements thoroughly before selecting an organization for money lending.

Categories Of Loans

In a city like that of Singapore, several people are facing different kinds of financial issues in present times. CRAWFORT verifies your concern and needs for a loan. According to your financial condition and the need for money, the net amount is dispatched. If you have taken some loans previously in business or for office purposes, you can go for business loans. If you select such investments from CRAWFORT, you might get several other facilities too. The credits for commercial purposes are of the exact amount you need. You can mortgage any of your essentials, which might cost the same or close to the amount you have taken for solving your financial crisis.

If you have substantial money necessity like in case of any emergency or medical problem, you can go for the emergency loans. In this case, you can go for your terms of return policies of your own choice. CRAWFORT understands you, and so it does not exert any pressure on you during your emergencies.

If you have extreme money needs for paying off urgent debts, you go for the home loan policies. In this, the money lending organization keeps your home’s authentic papers with them as a mortgage. In-home loans, you get credits holding your houses in the hands of the money lending organizations. CRAWFORT is reliable enough for your home loans. The total procedure is legal and takes place most efficiently. Go and try your luck on

 Requirement Of Documents

Every legal procedure requires authentic documents. Similarly, if you need your money lending system to be legitimate enough, you have to submit and go under the verification of a few records at first. These personal, original documents are essential for the moneylender to check before lending money to some random person. You must be eligible by age to secure your needed sum of money from the moneylender. The following documents are necessary for the submission procedure:

  • Proof Of Income: Every Singapore licensed money lender has got some values. Especially the ones from CRAWFORT. They verify the original receipt of income as proof and lend you the necessary amount.
  • Proof Of Profession: The money lending organization puts your proof of Profession under keen observation to examine the root of your financial crisis. After the paper works, the loan is given.
  • NRIC: You can get a loan from a legal organization like that of CRAWFORT, only if you are a citizen of Singapore.
  • Credit History Papers: Most of the money lending units lends money to a person who has got some decent annual income. The organizations should instead give after verifying the credit history.
  • Address Proof: If you want to lend money from any organization in Singapore, then you must submit proper address proves to the moneylender.
  • Identity Proof: The most important document of all the papers is the identity proof. Some people claim to be someone else for lending money. These happen in cases of extreme fraudulent.
  • For Foreigners: Tenancy papers, employment proof, recent bank statements.

Most of the moneylenders in Singapore choose to lend money based on the annual income and not based on the credit history of the person. But to make the procedure legal, you must get the above legal documents verified by the money lending association. In the case of poor credit histories, the moneylenders do not suggest the same terms and conditions. There are some special terms involved in individual packages in such cases.

Besides this, you have to be careful about all the documents after getting the money from Crawford’s Singapore licensed money lender.

  • A Copy Of The Loan Contract From CRAWFORT: Keep a copy of the loan contract so that you do not have to face any uncertainty later on payback. This document must be with you to get back the essentials which you had kept for a mortgage to the money lending organization.
  • Every Time You Pay Back A Certain Amount, Keep The Receipts: There are policies in which you do not have to pay back the amount of money lend at once. You can take a particular time to pay back the net amount to the moneylender.
  • A Statement Of Banking Details: After taking the money for lend, the person has to maintain a bank record for the convenience of the money lending organization. The banking statement has to be submitted to the moneylender during each payback.
  • Copies Of All Accounts, Money Receipts, And Other Legal Documents: All your authentic documents’ original copies should be with you during each payback session. Besides the papers, there should be the money receipt of each payback from the organization.