About Us

Trust Only the Best Licensed Moneylender in Singapore – Credit Excel Capital

Do you struggle with receiving a loan from a bank without the extensive paperwork and complicated application process? Are you in urgent need of extra cash for your emergency expenses? Since time is of the essence when financial difficulties strike, finding a quick, efficient, and reliable source of additional funds is important at this time of your need.

Who We Are

A registered and licensed money lender in Singapore, we have been in the moneylending business for a considerable length of time that gives us the experience and expertise in this industry. Our valid and active business license and permit from the Ministry of Law are evidences of our legal business operations, and you can have the assurance that all our loan products and service abide by the Ministry’s policies and standards.

Ever since our company’s inception, we have supported thousands of customers in the country who are in need of affordable and quick loans for their emergency concerns. As we are aware that the economy can put a damper in one’s financial health, we make it a point to help people meet their expenses without enduring the long and daunting process of taking out a bank loan. Our solution is more practical as we make the loan application and approval process as simple, easy, and convenient as how our customers want it to be.

Moreover, it is our mission to provide an easy and quick access to various loans suitable to Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents, and foreigners in the country. We present these different types of loans that vary in terms of the purposes they serve, along with different requirements set for each. But one thing remains – the interest rates and repayment terms are reasonable and suited to match your financial situation.

The economy in Singapore has seen a massive recovery following the global recession that impacted the whole world. Multiple sectors on the nation’s economy were greatly affected, and this continued further with the increasing prices of basic commodities. This is why the result on the average Singaporean was grim – financial obligations are on the rise, yet there is not enough funds coming in from bank savings.

To make matters worse, banks have set more stringent rules when it comes to providing credit to loan applicants. Potential borrowers who are suffering from poor credit walk away with a rejection from several banks, thus increasing the pressure on meeting their financial obligations. Meanwhile, illegal moneylenders in the country take advantage of these unsuspecting people, and they are charged with skyrocketing interest rates on top of their loaned amount – while makes it harder for them to escape from the financial issues they are experiencing.

Our Mission

Our company was established to close the gap present in the financial sector by offering an easy and reliable access to funds for borrowers without extra stress and hassle. Throughout the years, we have pursued this journey towards a strong commitment to quality service and affordable loans for all. Over time, our customer base has grown, which gives us the reputation we carry when it comes to being one of the leading loan providers in Singapore today.

We have founded a company that was built on a strong and solid foundation of integrity, trust, and consistency. You can rely on us to provide you with the level of service that you deserve, as we place our customers concerns and needs ahead of our own – at all times. At the same time, we have well-trained and professional financial experts in our team to help you with your specific concerns. Our responsive staff can provide you with excellent customer satisfaction by addressing all your enquiries as promptly and comprehensively as possible.

As a result of an intensive research and development, we have launched our financial products that are tailored to your needs. These, along with our world-class level of customer service, give us an edge above other moneylenders in the country. Our client-oriented products and services support the growing and changing needs of the people the best way we can.

Our Wide Selection of Loan Products

In need of extra funds today? Please look over our range of loan services that will match the specific financial concerns you may have.

1. Personal Loan

There are moments when money can be a little tight. This is why if you are experiencing the need for additional funds for your home upgrade, a completion of an education or training program, a vehicle purchase, or even some cash for your upcoming trip, you can look into applying for a personal loan for your ever-important needs. This type of loan is unsecured and may be available as a long- or short-term loan depending on your preference. Self-employed and employed individuals are welcomed to apply for this loan.

2. Payday Loan

When your expenses cannot wait any longer, yet the next paycheck is not anywhere close from today, then a payday loan is just what you need. This loan offers a small amount of money to tide you over until the coming paycheck. As this is a short-term loan, the amount borrowed needs to be settled upon receiving your next salary.

3. Small Business Loan

Do you want to expand your business, yet the funds are low? If you are planning on upgrading your assets or covering some expenses in the business, then this type of loan will address your needs. Easily accessible to business owners, we have minimal requirements that you can surely qualify for.

4. Foreigner Loan

As a foreigner in Singapore, it can be tough when money issues come along. Expats, however, do not need to worry because our foreigner loan is designed to match your financial concerns. With the best rates offered and some minimal documents needed for the application process, you can take out a loan as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

As a licensed moneylender in the country, we abide by the policies and standards set by the Ministry of Law when it comes to the range of amount to be loaned, terms, conditions, and interest rates. We make sure that our reputation is protected by ensuring the finest services we can give to our clients. In fact, we go the distance for the sake of providing borrowers with guaranteed satisfaction and ease in repaying their loans according to their financial situation.

From the time you submit the application form and to the moment you receive the loaned amount from us, everything goes as smoothly as it should be. We also provide a loan contract with clear details on the terms and conditions, so you can understand completely the items involved with taking out a loan. If you have any question, we encourage you to ask us for clarifications as we want to make sure that you have an accurate idea on the interest rates and repayment scheme for your loan. Our loan officers can explain to you further the terms of the contract as needed.

Although there are numerous moneylenders in Singapore, we are confident about the fact that all our services and products are unrivaled due to our consistency with the way we handle our business operations. We put our customers as the center of our business, so all our loan packages are custom-fit to match the unique requirements of our clients.

These are just some of the features that set us apart from the rest of the money lenders in the Singapore:

Quick Access to Loans: Just fill out our online form and submit the required documents. Anywhere you may be, applying for a loan is made quick and convenient.

Impeccable Customer Support: With our team of friendly and professional loan officers, we can give you a comprehensive response to your enquiries as promptly as possible.

Fast Cash Disbursement: Once you have signed the loan contract, you can expect to receive the cash you need. This is our way of giving you the fastest financial assistance for an emergency that simply cannot wait any longer.

Please feel free to contact us now by sending us a message or calling us right now and let us discuss with you the best way we can help you with your concerns. Also, you may want to read up on our FAQ as well to understand our services better.