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Digital companies employ technology to bring new value for customer experiences, business models as well as internal capabilities that are used to support their primary operations. This term covers both traditional and digital companies that are changing their operations using digital technologies.

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Nowadays, consumers spend more on the internet, which has led businesses’ focus on revenue-generating digital channels as well as digital platforms.

Great Design

The User Interface ( UI) Design is focused on anticipating the things users may need to accomplish and making sure that the user interface features elements that are simple to access.

High Security

We guard against cyber-attacks by providing targeted, proactive, and industry-relevant threat intelligence that gives you the security you can have in knowing that your business is safe.

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Our online support experts are available 24/7 for your help. You can reach us out a throw phone call or email. We are happy to assist you with our technology queries and features that help you.

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Software that is customized refers to software made specifically for a particular organization or another user.


Auto Scaling

A Auto Scaling group is an array of servers which are configured to work as one resource.


Funnel Optimization

Optimization of the funnel is the method of fine-tuning the funnel for sales and its stages to achieve the greatest amount of sales


Load Balancing

The term load balancing is referred to dispersing the tasks among the resources available, in order to improve the overall processing

Onto the Next Stage

Ecommerce services address all the technology-related requirements of an online business. An Ecommerce Services Provider, ScienceSoft offers a team of highly skilled business consultants and professional coders to assist our clients who are ecommerce with various issues and goals for business.

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The broad outline of e-commerce services is not enough to help a business select an appropriate partner. Let’s discuss our capabilities to ensure your company’s success.

James Harrot Harroton Engineering

best services we had ever from ATA, Thank You Team ATA.

Laura Jones Jones Travel Hub

ATA support team is very fast and experienced.

Janette Moores Moores Arts & Craft

We got the right service plan with ATA. I recommend this to who want fast technology

Martha Grim Martha Grim Bakery

Best support and reliable company I ever found. Thanks ATA.

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    We have had people join us, others left, but throughout the long haul everyone has shared a common goal: we create e-commerce solutions and build our projects around the real value we are able to deliver. If we have to pick the top goal for our staff, it would be it is our unwavering determination to bring about a real change by our work.

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